When out in the field spotting planes sometimes the elements can turn against you.
Here are some items that mean you can carry on taking notes on sightings whatever the elements throw at you.


Rite In The Rain Pen


This all weather pen allows you to write on wet paper and even upside down.  The ink is held in a pressurised cartridge and can still be used at extreme cold or hot temperatures.

All Weather Tactical Notepad and Cover


This all weather note book with protective cover is as issued to the RNLI for use in the field, so its definitely up to be used in the rain.  The protective cover seals it off from dust and dirt, with side pockets for other kit.



 Rite In The Rain Pencil


If the “Rite in the rain” pen is not suitable and you prefer to use pencil here is a mechanical pencil that will also work in the wet.


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Cover Image Credit: BAKHTIAR RIFAI / Shutterstock.com