We think this is a brilliant idea, the concept behind Aviationtag is to take decommissioned aircraft of various types and upcycle the aluminium skin into a tag for your bag or for use as a keychain.

People sometimes say the best ideas are usually the most straightforward, but trust us when we say this one is not.

Firstly cutting the raw material from a Boeing 747 or Airbus A340 is not so simple, neither is the huge amount of work that follows to then transform that historical piece of aviation hardware into these truly excellent tags.  This is the crafting of a product in the most traditional of ways.

Once the aircraft has been identified and located the task of sectioning off an area of the skin, and then cutting the piece of aluminium out goes ahead.  This large piece of a once great airliners outer skin then goes to Aviationtag’s HQ.  Here the section of aircraft skin is worked on by hand to eventually produce a limited number of tags.

Each aircraft’s registration and history is captured to give extra provenance to the tags, which are produced to a very high standard. 

Various aircraft have been used and the range offered is broad. 

In some cases enthusiasts can recall flying on the very aircraft the team at Aviationtag have used.  In doing this they are keeping the history of those decommissioned aircraft alive.

You can view a video of the production process on Aviationtag’s website, click below to find out more and buy the tag of your choice.




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Image Credit: Aviationtag