Aviation enthusiasts are not always standing with their neck bent looking at the sky for planes.  Occasionally they like to board an airliner themselves and head off to an exciting destination.  But where to stay once you are there?Here are 5 hotels that could be included into any Aviation Enthusiasts travel plans, fortunately at which you can still watch planes.  In some cases you are pretty close to the action, all from the comfort of your hotel room, the hotel bar if that is your thing or in some the gym if you like to spot planes whilst working out.


Grand Hyatt DFW – Dallas, USA

The Grand Hyatt Dallas Fort Worth is a hotel that is literally within the terminal building.  When staying you cannot really get that much closer to the airside operations of the airport than this.  With 8 floors the upper floors are where the best views are said to be obtained.


Some rooms look directly over the runways so the views could not be better.  When not spotting aircraft you can also relax in the hotels pool or spa.  






Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schipol, Holland

The Hilton at Schipol is situated right next to the airport, within walking distance of the terminals.  With all the facilities you would expect from a 4 star hotel like spa and gym its a really comfortable place to stay.

The airport and control tower are in sight from the hotel and some rooms.  If flying into Amsterdam on business or otherwise the aviation enthusiast will get great views of arrivals and departures.




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Image Credits: Hyatt Hotels and Hilton Hotels