5 Great Gifts For The Space Enthusiast

Here is a collection we have put together for anyone who has a Space enthusiast in their life, but maybe stuck on what to get them for their next birthday or even, dare we say it in August for Christmas.


The NASA archives. 60 Years In Space


This book presents over 400 historic images from NASA’s 60 year history, a lot remastered using modern technology and in large format.  Photographs and images are a massive part of NASA’s iconic space exploration achievements during this time, this publication brings together all of the major parts of this history backed up by commentary from the author Piers Bizony, former NASA chief historian Roger Launius and best selling Apollo historian Andrew Chaikin.

One thing to point out is that due to the quantity of images, and the brilliant large format of them this book is no lightweight so be prepared for a larger than normal delivery.  It does however come in its own presentation box with handle which makes handling this huge historical book that much easier.


 Discovery Channel NASA’s Greatest Missions


Essential viewing for any Space Exploration enthusiast this DVD has six episodes full of detail on various missions since NASA was founded.  A look at early missions with various viewpoints of the space program and the many aspects of what missions entail.



Hello, Is This Planet Earth? My View From The International Space Station


This was the first book released by Tim Peake and contains over 150 photographs he took from the International Space Station along with his own commentary.  This was a Sunday Times best seller and non fiction book of the year when it was published.



NASA Baseball Cap


Everyone, well nearly everyone loves a baseball cap.  If you want to combine that with a love of NASA and space exploration look no further.  




Alpha Industries Mens MA1 Retro NASA Flight Jacket



Alpha Industries sell a large range of military inspired clothing, a lot centred around aviation.  Here is their NASA flight jacket, one of the finest around.  Adorned with the familiar NASA logo patch, a 100th Space Shuttle Mission patch, United States flag patch on the sleeve and a Remove Before Flight tag on the sleeve pocket zip.  A lovely gift for any space exploration enthusiast.


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Cover Image Credit: NASA