Vintage Style With These 5 Retro Airline Bags

If you are an aviation enthusiast and would like to add some retro style to your carrying options look no further than these five retro airline bags we have discovered.

Pan Am ceased operations on December 4th, 1991 after 64 years of service flying people to and from the United States from Europe and Japan.

The once great airline may have flown for the last time, however its iconic legacy carries on through merchandise like this men’s messenger bag produced for the Pan Am Historical Foundation.  The foundation was formed in 1992 not long after the demise of what was one of the worlds best known airlines.


Pan Am Men’s Original’s Messenger Bag




Pan Am Men’s Double Agent Bag


Formed initially by former employees the mission was to “preserve and promote the unique heritage of Pan American Airways inc.”  These early members, joined by a board of directors successfully achieved saving a vast number of company records and placed them in History Miami, The SFO museum and the University of Miami among other institutions.

The foundation are also working to produce a documentary film and they hope to also have a new museum exhibit ready to launch soon.




The BOAC livery has been reinstated by British Airways on one of its Boeing 747 fleet as part of its 100 year celebrations, which we have covered in a post on Aerospace and Aviation.  The iconic British Overseas Airways Corporation was the fore runner to British Airways and ceased operations under that name in 1974.


BOAC Flight Bowling Bag




TWA or Trans World Airlines was bought out by American Airlines in 2001, but was an icon of the jet age.  Originally formed in the 1930’s TWA was the United States second major airline along with Pan AM and flew throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s.  During the late 1970’s the airline hit troubled times financially and never really recovered.  Like British Airways, American Airlines have kept the heritage of the former airline alive with retro liveries at certain times.  You can also now stay in the TWA hotel located in the former Trans World flight centre and JFK airport, New York.

TWA Trans World Airlines Shoulder Bag




Interflug was the national airline of East Germany until 1990 when it ceased operations following the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Based out of the Schonefield airport in Berlin the airline towards the end of its flying days operated 3 Airbus A310’s.  Other aircraft included Tupelov’s and

Interflug Flight Shoulder Bag


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