VF-84 Jolly Rogers Crew Cap

Sierra Hotel Aeronautics are a collective of, as they put it themselves “aeronauts” from aviation veterans, to engineers, aviation photographers, to current military and civilian flight crews.Their mission is to tell great stories of aviation history, honour aviators of the past and with passion bring to life all the rich history of flight.

They have a great range of t-shirts, decals and vintage aviation clothing, here we present their VF-84 Jolly Rogers crew cap.

The Jolly Rogers fighter squadron as it became known post 1955 was actually formed out of two separate fighting units, taking the squadron number of the existing VF-84 “Wolf Gang” squadron coupled with the insignia of VF-61 Jolly Rogers.

The first aircraft to carry the distinctive skull and crossbones flew under different squadron numbers during World War 2.  In 1960 after a few different variants the VF-84 Jolly Rogers fighter squadron that flew until 1995 was formed and flew F-8 Crusaders.  In 1964 the squadron was moved to F-4 Phantom’s before moving to F-14 Tomcat’s which they flew from 1976 to 1995 when the squadron was disbanded.

The squadron deployed aboard USS Randolph, USS Independence, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Nimitz and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

One of the most iconic of all US Navy squadrons.




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Image Credit: Sierra Hotel Aeronautics

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