Boeing Buys Foreflight Pilot App

Boeing have announced they have purchased pilot flight planning app Foreflight.In a deal that seals a permanent acquisition for the aviation giant they bring and end to 2 years working as partners to Foreflight.  Founded in 2007 by two pilots, Foreflight has bought the digital age to flight planning and includes the ability for pilots to gather information on items such as weather and destination.  The app can also show Jeppesen charts and so can show all the detail a pilot needs for route planning including terrain and obstacles.  Boeing’s purchase now means it has grown its footprint in the digital technology space yet again, and this continues the trend that see’s the company take strategic steps to further enhance its long term growth potential.




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Screenshot courtesy of Foreflight

Sreenshot shows Foreflight on Mobile and Web

Sources: Boeing and Foreflight