Orbiting just over New Zealand the Space X Dragon space craft docked successfully with the International Space Station.This crew module, which on this flight was carrying only supplies will be able to carry up to 4 crew members up to the station.  This is the latest in test launches and flights by Space X, who are creating an truly exciting future for space travel and exploration.  The Dragon Crew module is designed to dock and then leave the station, re-entering the earths atmosphere before safely coming down in the Atlantic off Florida.  The craft is expected to leave the space station on Friday and all systems will be monitored as part of the tests as it returns to earth.  There are more future tests to be completed in conjunction with NASA before flights will commence with personnel on board.  But this is a major advancement in the progress Space X have made so far in continuing to be the first privately financed company to develop craft that will take astronauts into space.  




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Image credit: NASA

Sources: Space X and NASA