February 2019, Boeing 747-400 registration G-BYGC lifted its landing gear on take off from Dublin Airport. The huge wheels and tyres retract back into the aircraft, but the fuselage they are now housed in is not the same colour as it was when they deployed on arrival.  This airliner has had a new livery applied to it whilst in Dublin, the last time British Airways applied a different livery to its aircraft was 5 years ago with the introduction of the “To Fly, To Serve” colour scheme.  But this change of livery to this member of its fleet is a one off, the only aircraft to be painted in these colours, and this is not a new livery. G-BYGC is now painted in the colours of BOAC 1964-1974.  The last time an aircraft was adorned in these colours was 45 years ago, prior to merger of the main British airlines, BEA, British Air Services and BOAC.  The change is part of British Airways marking its 100th anniversary, 2019 also marks the 50th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Boeing 747.  After making its first flight to JFK International, New York the 747 will remain in this livery until its retirement in 2023 .  The selection of the flight route was also special as it was the first flight a Boeing 747 made when the type entered service with BOAC in 1971.




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Image Credit: Stuart Bailey http://www.StuartBaileyPhoto.com

Source: British Airways Media Centre