16 years after Concorde made its last flights, Boeing have announced an exciting partnership with supersonic business jet pioneers Aerion.  Aerion, the Nevada based aviation company were actually formed the very same year Concorde left our skies.  The Boeing investment means Aerion can now increase the speed at which they are developing the next generation of supersonic aircraft.

Aerion have stated they will be the first to bring a supersonic business jet to the market after they presented their 12 seat design in 2014.  Boeing will bring added expertise in engineering, testing and manufacturing to allow a quicker route to market for the much anticipated jet, the AS2.  The 12 passenger jet is being designed to achieve speeds of mach 1.4, 1,000 miles per hour, whilst meeting all environmental standards required.  This would cut around 3 hrs off the current time it takes to fly across the Atlantic.  Scheduled for its first flight in 2023, there is great hope the AS2 will bring with it a new era in supersonic travel.

Boeing are not new to this sort of investment, the company strives to innovate and is also seeking to forge partnerships with those who are working to shape the future of air travel.




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Image Credit: Boeing and Aerion

Sources: Boeing and Aerion