How To Buy An Airliner

Have you ever dreamt of buying your very own airliner?  Maybe it just interests you how thousands of these planes are bought, sold and flown all over the world every day?

In the most straight forward approach, once an airline decides the type of aircraft they want to add to their fleet they will typically place an order with the manufacturer directly.  The aircraft are then built at the factories, the airline then takes delivery as they roll off the production line, of course they have to make sure they have paid the $146m odd, the list price of a new Boeing 787-8 variant.

The aircraft is then flown back to the airlines base hub and enters service in its fleet.

Very straight forward isn’t it?

However, that is all well and good, but what if the airline is a new start up and does not have $146m sitting in the bank for a brand new aircraft?

Alternatively what if you are a billionaire and want to buy your very own second hand airliner that you can fit out with bedrooms and Jacuzzi’s?  There are plenty of people that can help.

Leasing airliners is a huge part of the commercial jet industry.  In fact a large number of airlines do not actually go through the sales channel described above.  At $146m each buying up a fleet of 10 Boeing 787-8 aircraft adds up.  This is where companies like General Electric Capital Aviation Services, or GECAS come in.  At time of writing GECAS owns approximately 2,000 aircraft which they have either invested in from new or bought up from airlines that after owning them outright wanted to sell on.

GECAS will lease aircraft to airlines based on a fixed period of time, or flying hours.  The deals become very complex, one route is for the leasing company to finance the purchase of the aircraft the airline wants to order.  Upon delivery the airline effectively resells the aircraft to wholly to the leasing company.  The leasing company then leases the aircraft to the airline, the airline never really own it at least not for very long.

The leasing company are the financial backing for the airline and then make their money back on leasing fee’s and of course they own the aircraft which they can lease out again to another airline.  They can also see return once they sell the aircraft.

So if you are interested in purchasing your very own airliner, going through a leasing company is probably the best route.  They can lease you one or sell you outright a nice second hand aircraft.  You can then kit it out as you would like, on board cinema’s, bedrooms or even space to take your Rolls Royce with you wherever you travel as one private owner has done.

Boeing can actually carry out all of this work for you with their Boeing Business Jets service, here you can specify exactly how many you want to be able to seat in your on board restaurant or which linen you would like on your full size double beds.

That is essentially how you aquire your very own airliner.




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